The New Wave in Skincare
Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, playing a critical role in maintaining the health and structure of your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, intestines, tissue, and skin. However, starting in your mid-20s, your body begins to produce less collagen. This decrease, coupled with poor diet choices, can lead to wrinkles, weak muscles, tight ligaments and tendons, joint pain, and gut issues.

Marine collagen, sourced from the skin of fish, has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional collagen supplements derived from pigs and cows. Many people are turning to marine collagen supplements due to their unique benefits and ethical considerations.

Benefits of Marine Collagen Supplements
Marine collagen supplements offer a range of benefits similar to those of other collagen sources. They can help delay signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and joint issues, and support overall body strength.

Moreover, marine collagen is often viewed as a more sustainable option. The fishing industry generates a significant amount of unused raw materials, including fish skins, which are ideal for creating collagen supplements. By utilising these materials, companies contribute to reducing waste and promoting environmental sustainability.

The effectiveness of marine collagen supplements is still under research. While our bodies break down most of what we consume before absorption, it's uncertain how much benefit we receive from collagen supplements. Nevertheless, topical creams containing marine collagen are growing in popularity. However, some experts suggest that treatments like retinol, tretinoin, and vitamin C might be more effective in promoting collagen production and reducing inflammation.

Comprehensive Skincare Solutions with Marine Collagen
For a well-rounded approach to beauty and health, consider incorporating products that offer more than just collagen. Sona BeautéActive provides a range of products enriched with 26 essential nutrients for skin, hair, and nail health.

  • Marine Collagen: Maintains elasticity, tone, and texture of the skin.
  • Grape Seed and Pycnogenol (Pine Bark Extract): Powerful antioxidants essential for complexion and radiance.
  • Biotin: Promotes thicker, healthier, and more voluminous hair.
  • Vitamins A, C, B2, and Niacin: Ensures glowing skin.
  • Iodine, Zinc, Copper, Selenium: Supports strong and healthy nails and hair.
  • Silica, Zinc, Vitamin D, Iron, and Natural Carotenoids: Contribute to overall skin health.

Sona BeautéActive - Skin, Hair and Nails Complex offers more than just marine collagen; our product is designed to maintain your skin's elasticity, tone, and texture. For more information visit

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