Inositol (Vitamin B) (Also known as Phosphatidylinositol)

Why you need it? 

Inositol, as phosphatidylinositol is needed for cell membrane integrity because of the critical role it plays in the manufacture of primary components of cell membranes.

Inositol is one of the most important nutrients in the control of dietary fats. It is particularly essential for the cells of the bone marrow, eye tissue, and intestines.

Deficiency Symptoms:

Deficiencies in inositol are rare. However, caffeine can lower inositol levels in the body and produce an inositol deficiency. Eczema, constipation, eye problems, hair loss, and elevations of cholesterol are some concerns which have been related to low levels of inositol.

Good Food Sources:

Whole grains, wheat germ, brewer's yeast, citrus fruits (except lemons), cantaloupe, lima beans, raisins, peanuts, cabbage, and some nuts and liver.

Beneficial For :

  • Cell Membrane Integrity
  • Role in manufacture of primary components of cell membranes



GRAS- Generally recognized as safe. No adverse reactions, side effects or overdose symptoms expected when taken within the recommended amounts.

There are no reported side effects or interactions of inositol thus far, however people supplementing with high doses of this nutrient can suffer from diarrhea as a result.

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